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Aylmers in history

A bit misleading, the menu listing here. Why so many soldiers, sailors, clergy, actors? Reflective of the honour of the Aylmer name?

Well no. What you see in this list are professions and trades with thorough historical records; the families of farm hands, factory workers and minor bureaucrats have only become visible with the very recent addition of census records on the web.

  • Aylmers have been doughty soldiers and sailors, with one of our number honoured by the highest award Britain can make for bravery, the Victoria Cross. Find out about the Aylmers on the home front in World War II too. See the Fighting Aylmers page.
  • Bishop John Aylmer was Bishop of London to Queen Elizabeth I. Go to the Aylmers at prayer page to find out more about him and other leading Aylmers of religion.
  • Felix Aylmer was a successful mid-20th century British character actor, fondly remembered to this day. Find out more about him and other actors and musicians on the Performing Aylmers page.
  • Many Aylmers – including the manager of this site – have made a living with the written word, as Writing Aylmers will show you.
  • We Aylmers sell cars and canned foods. Find out more at Aylmers in business.
  • The Aylmers of Ireland were important land-owners. Find out about them and their titles on the Aylmers on the land page – plus the Aylmer link to Magna Carta.