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In England

Aylmer's Farm near Harlow

Aylmer’s Farm near Harlow

There is only one Aylmer-related village in England, Aylmerton in Norfolk. I have visited the village, and there is no apparent reference to any Aylmer family links in the church or churchyard, although apparently there are Aylmer graves in the village of Antingham about 10km away.

Mary Ann Aylmer

Mary Ann Aylmer, aged 80

There are various Aylmer Farms, one at Tivetshall St Margaret in Norfolk, another near Harlow in Essex. Harlow also has a flourishing William Aylmer pub which I really ought to get around to visiting. My correspondent Marilyn Evans came up with an interesting Harlow link in 2015. Her great-grandmother Mary Ann Aylmer, a Norfolk Aylmer born in 1850 at Westacre, married a Henry Wentworth from a family of farmers, seed merchants and millers in Harlow. They were married there but eventually moved to Bedford. She wonders whether there might have been a link to Aylmer Farm.

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In Wales

There is a farmstead called Almere on the banks of the River Dee in Wales which, as my correspondent Barry Alymer recounts, gave rise to another branch of the family. He writes:

“Soon after the Domesday book of 1086, one Ithel ap Eunydd conquered the previously English-held region of what is now Gresford, in north-east Wales. The first of the family to adopt an English surname was John Almer, a marshal of the hall at the court of Henry VII (reigned 1485-1509). His surname came from the place where he lived, at Almer (now Almere) on the Welsh bank of the river Dee.

“Almer obtained for his sons John and William posts as sergeants at arms at the court of Henry VIII; his grandson Edward became an important member of the east Denbighshire gentry, and establishing the family at Pant Iocyn.”

A rather nice pub, the Pant-yr-Ochain, now stands on the site; its website has more detail on the family (pdf file).