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  1. I have just noticed our boat Aylmer on your website.We met you a while back on the river.
    We are not the Linleys though.
    We are Tony and Janet Adams and we ran the Thatchers Arms in Mount Bures.
    We have since sold the pub and are currently cruising down to London on our way to Ely and Cambridge.
    I’m assuming you got your pubs mixed up as it is definately us in the photo.

    • Apologies for this Tony. Thanks for checking it over and I’ve made a change on the website.
      Best wishes, Peter Aylmer

  2. I had the privilege of working with Felix Aylmer and Athene Seyler in “First person Singular” at the Duke of Yorks theatre in, I believe,1952.
    I last saw him in Hollywood and had a drink with him at the Chateau Marmont on Sunset Blvd.,, probably in 1967.

    • Thanks Bryan. If you’ve got an anecdote about working with him, I’d love to add it to the site, and mention you of course!

  3. Hello Sir. thanks for this website. I am researching the Aylmer of Jamaica. I live on part of what was part of their estates here. The present owner of the nearby great House…named Alymers…. is my friend

    • Thanks for the information Kennedy. It’s good to know that there is still a house named Aylmers. If you have a photograph or other information I would be pleased to add it to the site.
      Best wishes, Peter Aylmer

  4. Hi Petr, it was back in 2006 I last communicated with you when I was in the early stages of my search for my Aylmer ancestors. I have come a fair way since then and I am very interested in the fact that Mary Ann Aylmer (my great grandmother) who was born in 1850 at Westacre Norfolk, married Henry Wentworth who lived in Harlow. They were married there but eventually moved to Bedford. I am wondering if there is a connection with Aylmer House in Harlow and whether she was related to those Aylmers. Do you have any more information of the Harlow Aylmers? The Wentworths were farmers, seed merchants and millers in Harlow.

    If anyone is interested I have photos of my great grandmother and great grandfather on
    Best wishes

    • Thanks Marilyn. I’ve found Mary’s picture and added it and a comment onto the ‘Places in Britain’ page, I hope that’s OK. To the best of my knowledge the William Aylmer celebrated in the Harlow pub was a local doctor, and Aylmers Farm had been so-called for some time – but do let me know if you find anything stronger, for example how did Henry and Mary meet? Maybe Henry knew of Mary by some family link, eg second cousins?

  5. I stumbled on this website late at night and was intrigued.
    My grandmother was an Aylmer, maiden name Bury.
    She is in the book, page 334 as is my father and his sister.
    She was sent to live with two aunts at Donadea when her father and mother separated.
    Her name was Cecelia marguerite Evelyn Bury.

    • Thanks Barbara. Do you have her husband’s name, and trade or profession? The book is, I presume, Fenton Aylmer’s “Aylmers of Ireland” – I really must get a copy!

  6. Just an update to get my name corrected: One l in Elmore.

    Still awaiting contact of individuals who have had or are wanting to have their DNA tested.

    Edward and family sailed to the New World in 1632. My 8th great grandfather.
    Edward’s father is Samuel Aylmer, of Claydon 1546-1653; High Sheriff of Suffolk.
    Samuel’s father is John Aylmer 1521-1594; Bishop of London. Not such a far reach.

    If you wanted to put a pin in the map, it would go in The Four Corners of the United States, where New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona intersect.

    Be safe and still, have a great time.

    • Thanks Robert, I’ve made the change and updated the page with the new info. Good luck with the hunt.

  7. My father was Hugh Yates Aylmer, the 12th Lord Aylmer. Your website indicates that I predeceased him. That is not correct. The reason the title did not remain in Canada in our branch of the family and went to the UK to Michael Aylmer is because my parents did not have a son! If you need verification please let me know or check peerage publications. Would you be kind enough to amend your website. Thank you so much. Ann

    • My sincere apologies Ann – I’m very sorry about this. It’s entirely my fault, and I’ve changed the page. I hope though that you found the site interesting.

  8. Thank you! I am certainly enjoying your website and imagine that your ongoing research must be fascinating. It is quite a remarkable family and I think we are all very fortunate to be a part of it!
    All the best! Ann

  9. An addition? According to
    my great aunt, Georgina Henrietta Emmeline Sweeny, daughter of Lt.-Col. James Fielding Sweeny, married Arthur Lovell Aylmer, son of Henry Lovell Aylmer and Hon. Isabella Aylmer, in September 1900. She died on 7 April 1936.
    I have a cousin Kathleen and another cousin Anne.

  10. Hello,

    If you want to borrow the book ‘The Aylmers in Ireland’ it is in Kilcock Library in County Kildare. We actually have 2 books written about us, and both are in this library.

    I am curious about the contents of these books. Both name my grandfather Bruce William Aylmer in them.

    The Reverend William Aylmer is my great great great great grandfather.


  11. Hello, Felix and cecily were married. I met Jennifer many times as a
    Child and just before she passed away, a truly amazing and strong woman. My grandmother went to school with her and their families were close my grandmothers father was Harry.L.Simms.

    • Thanks Deborah. I’ve updated the Performing Aylmers page – I’m very grateful for the information.

  12. Hi. I’m trying to get some information on Lord Udolphus Aylmer (1814-1901), the 7th Lord Aylmer. He founded the 54th Richmond Battalion of Infantry in 1866 and was their Commanding Officer until his retirement in 1894. Any pictures or portraits of him would be much appreciated.

    • Thanks for the two comments Stéphane, alas no portrait or similar of Udolphus but I’ll happily share if something comes along later.
      Best wishes, Peter Aylmer

  13. Hi, My 2times greatgrandfather Samuel Aylmer all census records and Army records state born Marston Mortaine Bedfordshire in 1839, but can find no records. When he remarried in his 60s marriage certificate states father Samuel Aylmer Occupation Farmer can find no record. I had a DNA test on Ancestry have DNA connection to John Aylmer Bishop of London and Bartholomew Aylmer Kildare. Can anbody help.
    Elaine O’Neill(Aylmer)

    • There are a lot of interesting links here Elaine, showing interconnections between Bishop John, the Aylmers of Ireland, and English rural Aylmers of the nineteenth century. Do you have dates for Bartholomew? You also might contact Mike Thompson (uneventhompson at gmail dot com), who has a project to connect Aylmers through DNA testing – see his comment on my ‘Who we are’ page.

  14. Bartholomew Aylmer 1449-1501. I have checked the Samuel Elmers born in Bedfordshire at the same time but they were in England when he was in the Army in Canada. Bedfordshire Archives lost a lot of documents in a fire in the 1950s.

    • Thanks Elaine
      I plan to do a DNA test to help the USA Elmers mentioned below. If you do want to take part in this, do let Mike Thompson know, or I can get him to contact you – fully understand if you would rather not though.
      Best wishes, Peter

  15. Hi Peter, Have contacted Mike Thompson no reply yet. Bit reluctant to do another test, as not had much luck with Ancestry as 60% of them have no tree and do not respond to messages. Who would you do it with.
    Best wishes Elaine

    • It’s explained on his site – a tad complex for a DNA newbie like me though!

  16. Hi Peter,
    I could not understand either. I have not heard back from Mike Thompson.
    Guess this is end of line again.

    Thanks anyway
    Elaine O’Neill(Aylmer)

    • Thanks Elaine, surprised you’ve not heard from Mike as he’s emailed me three times. When I get round to ordering my test (next week probably) I’ll contact him again and see if he’s interested in your data.
      Best wishes, Peter

  17. I’m an American Elmore, and my name is Patricia. I was told that this spelling is how my last name was spelled until the family came to America. I’m America, they named their estates Huntingdon, after an estate or town near Cambridge.
    I’m 2013, my younger daughter got married at Ballymagarvey. One of the bedrooms in the main house is named the Aylmer room. When she chose this venue, she had no idea it had an Sylmar connection. She met her husband at Oxford whee he revved a PhD and she received a master’s in Comparitive Gov’t and international relations.
    I will try to send some information about my family soon.
    Thank you,
    Patricia Elmore

    • Thanks Patricia. I can well imagine that Aylmer was simplified to Elmore when it crossed the Atlantic. How nice for your daughter to marry in a place with an Aylmer room! You will see from the website the many Aylmer connections to Ireland. Where in the US are you from? I look forward to hearing more.
      Huntingdon is a small town on the A1, the main London to Edinburgh road, about 15 miles north-west of Cambridge. It was the home town of Oliver Cromwell, who led the 17th century Civil War that overthrew King Charles I, and ruled Britain for the last five years of his life.

        • Thanks Nicholas! It’s indeed possible that there are more Aylmers in Ireland than England, despite the much smaller population.

  18. I hate to tell; you but your information on the Barons page is wrong. Michael Aylmer died some time ago and his son Julian is now the Baron. I am Michael’s son in law and Julian’s brother in law.

    • I am very sorry to hear this Andrew; my apologies. I have updated the page. Thanks for taking the time to let me know.
      Best wishes to my no-doubt distant cousins!

  19. HI
    my name is Felicity Aylmer Steel. I am the daughter of Ruth Brodrick who was the granddaughter of Justin John Aylmer eldest son of the Rev William j aylmer. I live in wellington Nz. I have one brother Jeremy Broderick Bowes steel who lives in Auckland Nz.
    I am travelling to Dublin and will be there in mid to late November and was wondering if there were any Aylmers who would be interested in meeting me and my two daughters Olivia and Mary. We will be in Dublin 18 to 21 Novemeber. My Mother was always interested in her family and it seems a shame to go and see the castle without any other connection.
    regards felicity

    • Hello Felicity
      By strange coincidence, your surname happens to be my mother’s maiden name!
      I hope you have a great time in Dublin – a city I’ve never been to – but alas I can’t join you myself; I will be in Spain in early November and will be coming back about the same time as you get there. However, if you are also visiting London, let me know via peteraylmer (one word) [at] hotmail [dot] com.
      I’ve put a note about your visit on the home page and if there are any takers I’ll let you know.
      Good luck!
      Peter Aylmer

  20. Hello, what a fabulous Aylmer page, If you allow me in time I’ll help you add to it. here is a lot more to it.

    • Thanks Des, I’ll be very happy for you to do that. It’s best to email me direct at peteraylmer (one word) [at] hotmail [dot] com.

  21. Hello! I’m writing from North America, a descendant of John Aylmer the bishop, and Edward Elmer, who emigrated to New England in 1632 on the Lyon. The name later became Elmore. Just chiming in to say hello, and learn more about our shared ancestors.

    I would be interested to see if there is a connection to the statistician Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher, as I am also a statistician.

    • Hello Claire, good to hear from you. As you may have seen from my site, corruptions of ‘Aylmer’ into forms that are easier to spell are by no means uncommon!

      I studied some statistics at university, and was well aware of the brilliance of Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher (bit of a shame about the eugenics and tobacco sponsorship, but different times etc). However the story is that the Aylmer in his name comes from his mother’s superstition. His elder brothers were Geoffrey, Evelyn and Alan; Alan died very young and their mother decided that all their future children would have a “y” in their name. There aren’t that many boy’s names with a Y! But it is interesting that he chose to retain the Aylmer, when as a middle name it would conventionally be dropped and forgotten.

      There is a plaque in his memory outside his childhood home, in Hampstead, north London – a very desirable location, literally over the road from Hampstead Heath, a wonderful semi-wild urban park. I know the Heath well and took a pic of the plaque when I was there recently – I’ll email it to you.

  22. Hello there. Thank you for the great website and information. I have a “round about” question about the Aylemore/Elmore origins and the DNA. I am searching for the origins of the Milton/Melton family and have been able to get the country at least to England. The DNA (37 and 67 markers) has included 2 Elmore (with alleged contacts to Peter Elmore and John Elmore in the 16th century). There are quite a few names in the DNA matches however it seems that the primary name is the family, Wyatt. I have followed this family from Yorkshire (where there is a branch of the Melton lines from Norfolk) to Kent, England. The Henry Wyatt I am following was Privy Councillor of Henry VII, and remained a trusted adviser when Henry VIII. He was given land in Milton area of Kent, Maidstone and then also in Aylesford, Kent. While other names the Elmore, Wyatt and Milton’s match are Hall, Mullins, May, I was interested to know if the family Wyatt has come across anyone’s research or DNA analysis? Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hello Matthew, sorry for not getting back to you for so long. As yet I’ve not looked into the DNA side of things (though you will see from comments that others have), and I’ve not come across any particular links to Wyatts, Miltons and the others you cite, so I’m not able to help alas. But I wish you well in your research and if anything does turn up please get back to me.

  23. I wonder if you know the birth and death dates for Ian Aylmer the actor? He was married to my great aunt Anne Payne Cook

    • Hello Robin, sorry to say I don’t. I’ve checked IMdb, as I’m sure you have, but there’s only a sketchy article on him. If anything turns up, do let me know.

  24. Hi, just wondering if you were aware of the Aylmer connection to the late Jeremy Thorpe, former controversial leader of the UK Liberal Party, recently portrayed by the actor Hugh Grant in a BBC docu-drama? Incidentally, Hugh Grant is related to Jeremy Thorpe through my parents’ marriage! Happy to send you a “family tree” showing the connection if interested.

    • Hello Richard
      No, I didn’t know this – it is intriguing. I would be keen to hear more – I’m emailing you.

      • Richard is correct but none of your correspondents seem to have mentioned the connections with the Aylmers of Ireland. There is a book called just that in the British Library. You can look up the Aylmer Baronetcy in “the Peerage”
        Geraldine Maria was the daughter of the baronet and related to Fenton Aylmer VC (her Uncle?) Did she marry beneath her… the corn merchant from Cork… Mr Robert Constable Hall? Obviously he was proud of the connection because he gave the name Aylmer as a second name to most of his 15 children and it is Norman (the youngest son) who is the great grandfather of Richard.
        Maybe they called themselves the Aylmer Halls to distinguish themselves from the Constable Halls and the Sarsfield Halls, but also to emphasise the connection with the peerage.

        • Thanks Sarah
          Fascinating speculation on Geraldine! It may well be of course that the corn merchant had more money than her own family …
          I’m guessing but some at least of my correspondents may be taking the baronetcies, and Fenton’s book ‘The Aylmers of Ireland’, somewhat as read – and indeed I have a page on the former and a reference to the latter on my Fenton page.

        • Hi Sarah, I think you are right. Robert Constable Hall was apparently a very successful “self-made” businessman who at one stage is said to have bailed out the Bank of Cork when several of its biggest debtors lost everything in a shipwreck. We have a copy of The Aylmers of Ireland and used it to choose our children’s names.

  25. Hello Peter,
    What a GREAT site! Thank you for your time, energy and dedication to its creation and maintenance. I am originally from Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada and have been working on a military lineage project for the past 12 years. In addition to building an iconic representation of the military units of the Eastern Townships, from 1855 to 2000, I have also been involved in assembling photographs of former Commanding officers relating to the Sherbrooke Hussars Regiment’s lineage. The SINGLE photograph that has eluded me to-date, has been that of: “the 7th Lord Aylmer 1860-1901: Sir Udolphus Aylmer, 1814-1901”. I am wondering if there is any chance you might have a photograph of this Gentleman, which I could include in my records? I thank you so very much for your time and consideration of this request.

    • Thanks for your comments Duncan. Unfortunately I’ve no photograph of Sir Udolphus. If you find one do let me know as I’d like it for the site! Best wishes, Peter

      • Thank you, Perter. I will continue my search: If successful, I will certainly pass along a copy for your site. Once again, many thanks.

  26. Hello Peter,

    My grandmother Ita Alymer ( passed) in just recent years was the youngest of many siblings from Adare, Co. Limerick.

    I’m so intreiged to have come across this site!

    They were indeed Catholic and lived in a cottage not far from Adare Manor.

    I would appreciate more information on my Alymer family and will certainly oblige you on your search with my own knowledge.


    Sinéad L.

    • Hello Sinéad
      Another of the Alymers! I’m pretty sure that it’s just another variant spelling of Aylmer – indeed many people that I meet spell my name as Alymer even if I tell them to put the y first – but I don’t have any specific information on your branch I’m afraid. Please let me know if you come up with anything.

  27. John Aylmer was my brother in law until his divorce from my sister Venetia nearly 50 years ago. I was informed just before last Christmas that he was living in Tetbury. I would like to meet him again as we always got on well together. I am now living as a single man in SWANSEA.

  28. I am from Tilney St Lawrence, Norfolk originally and remember Aylmer Hall, the big house up the top of the village opposite the church. We were always told the story that the tutor of Lady Jane Grey was either born or lived there and I think all through my life the house was actually empty? You can still find photos of it if you google image search it but the Aylmer Hall was demolished back in the late 80s. Around the same time a new housing estate was built in the village and one of the new roads was named “Aylmer Drive”.

    • Thanks Leigh. As you will have seen, the next post also references Tilney St Lawrence. It’s only a couple of hours from where I live, so I think I might make a visit sometime this summer.

  29. I am researching my husbands family and (until yesterday) could find no record of where his uncle was after aged five till he was a witness at
    Family wedding in 1940. Yesterday I found what could have been him as living at. “Bunks” AYlmer Hall Yard, TIlney St Lawrence in 1939.
    I would appreciate it if you could tell me if this has anything to do with AYlmer Hall as this may help us in finding out what happened to him.

    • Thanks Mary. I’m afraid I don’t know whether Bunks and the Hall are connected, but as you will have seen, the next post also references Tilney St Lawrence. It’s only a couple of hours from where I live, so I think I might make a visit sometime this summer, and if I find out anything I’ll let you know.